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Experience Parking in a New Way

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Technology is revolutionizing all industries, parking included. But we need to be careful. As we have seen in every field, the human-technology relationship is never a single one, and technological solutions to everyday problems always reflect the personal intentions of those using the new tools such as Artificial Intelligence or the Internet of Things.

At LetsParky, we intend to bring technology to the parking industry, not to increase the control over our behaviors for the capital gain of big industries, but to turn it into a sharing economy between all drivers and parking spot owners, hence for the benefit of everyone and the environment.

Why We Do What We Do

That's why we are developing a 'win-win' solution to solve the problems of parking space owners who want to keep their parking spots safe for when they drive back to them. We bring squatter drivers into the game by using smart parking barriers that allow unused spaces to be utilized with real-time permission from the space owners via their mobile phones. LetsParky Bouncer users can share or rent their parking space, offer it to their family, office, or clients and still be sure that their space is always available to them when they return.

Your own intentions to engage with full control and precise data offered to you by your smart LetsParky Bouncer will change not only your but others’ experience of parking as well. Learn more about how we can help you customize your professional relationship with the new parking technology here.

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