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Park with ease,
every time.

Have you been invited to use a parking spot?
Download the LetsParky App below to drive right onto it.


Introducing LetsParky, the ultimate smart parking solution designed to revolutionize the way you protect and manage your valuable parking space! Say goodbye to the days of worrying about unauthorized vehicles occupying your parking spot, and welcome a whole new world of convenience, control, and peace of mind in the realm of parking spot sharing and private parking spot holder solutions.

How it works
For Individuals
Protect Your Parking Spot The Smart Way
Smart parking barriers let others use your parking spot, but only when you allow for it on your mobile phone.

We built the LetsParky Bouncer to guard your private parking spot against unauthorized use but greet you and your guests with a low bow. With an easy-to-use mobile app, you can operate the LetsParky Bouncer to: • Retain control of your private parking space • Set default users and authorize visitors • Allow automatic lowering for defined users • Check occupancy on your parking spot • Accept reservations and even receive payments (soon)

No More Keys or Remotes
A simple mobile app lets you control who has access to your parking spot and under which conditions.

Following the rules set by you, smart barriers handle your parking management on-site while your mobile app keeps you in charge. Use the LetsParky mobile app to: • Define users for your parking spot • Automatically unlock blocker when users near • Customize your parking sign with name, logo, and message • Post a unique QR as your parking spot marker to attract new customers

LetsParky App
Car Lot

Is your parking space a free-for-all? Let us help.

Whether you're looking to control access to one spot or your company's multiple locations, the

LetsParky Bouncers is your solution.

Simply use your phone to make sure that your spot is saved for you and for those you choose.

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Already Have a Barrier?
No problem.

Parky lets you operate your existing parking barriers with your smartphone.

Attach the LetsParky Terminal to any 

barrier or gate operator for a mobile solution

to automated entry and exit.

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For Businesses
Take Your Marketing Where Your Parking Is
Start offering customer services before they step inside your business.

Greeting them in the parking lot, LetsParky lets you engage with current and potential customers while they are still in their cars. You can use the LetsParky Bouncer for your business to: • Customize the parking sign on your space with the brand name and logo • Provide premium parking, loyalty bonus, or automated access to customers • Use the unique QR code to post the terms of use for your parking space • Integrate API to take reservations and receive payments through your own mobile app

API Integration
Control LetsParky devices with your own mobile application.

LetsParky connects to your company mobile app or parking management software with easy API integration. Use all the LetsParky features to optimize your parking operations and streamline parking management. • Real-time information • Easily customizable features • Analytics & Optimization • Parking sign with your brand name, logo, QR, and message


What It Takes to Parky?


Smartphone-controlled parking barriers with IOT  relay real-time information on parking spot availability


Small automation widgets attached to existing gates and barriers enable management by mobile app


The LetsParky app is used by all drivers to view, select and book available parking spaces before arrival 

About Us

Parky About

We are a team of system engineers, developers, academics and researchers who are into Parkying - creating an efficient parking management system for everyone. We started as a small company supported by the International Association of Science Parks (IASP) and we continue our research-led growth in innovation for efficient, economic, and eco-friendly ways to offer everyone

the smart parking solutions they deserve.

LetsParky is our new innovation that integrates research and development in access-control, parking management and IOT technologies to small parking locks and barriers. Our solution reduces congestion while increasing convenience and efficiency for all drivers.

Come Parky with Us!

Come Parky With Us

We know the long drives in traffic, the congestion, gas consumption, air pollution and traffic accidents do not connote partying.  That is why LetsParky has a straight-forward goal:  to eliminate parking problems for everyone!

If you too are a scholar, researcher, or software developer interested in holistic design of access-control solutions for parking problems,  please send your  CV and cover letter to let us know at


Contact for Parking Bay Space Protection Needs Including...

  • Reserved Parking Bay Space Management

  • Flat or Apartment Parking Bay Protection

  • Small Business and Office Parking Solutions

  • Disabled Parking Spot Saver.

  • Home Driveway Parking Barrier

  • Office Staff and Workers’ Parking Bay Holders

  • Visitor Parking Space Bays

  • And more ...

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