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Smart Parking

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Smart Parking Barrier

Smart Gate Manager

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Parky lets you operate your existing parking barriers with your smartphone.

Simply use your phone to make sure that your spot is saved for you and for those you choose.

You may have never seen a service like LetsParky before!

You can ask us anything you're curious about regarding our innovative solutions.
​Experience LetsParky live in action!

Discover and test LetsParky's features before making your purchase!

Discover freedom in parking management with LetsParky!

Control smart parking locks and barriers with our mobile app.

Welcome to LetsParky for an easier, more controllable parking experience!

No More Keys or Remotes
Sharing your Parking Spot via LetsParky app lets you control who has access to your parking spot and under which conditions.

Following the rules set by you, smart barriers handle your parking management on-site while your mobile app keeps you in charge. Use the LetsParky mobile app to: • Define users for your parking spot • Automatically unlock blocker when users near • Customize your parking sign with name, logo, and message • Post a unique QR as your parking spot marker to attract new customers

Protect Your Parking Spot the Smart Way
Smart parking barriers prevents unauthorized usage, but only when you allow for it on your mobile phone.

We built the LetsParky Bouncer to guard your private parking spot against unauthorized use but greet you and your guests with a low bow. With an easy-to-use mobile app, you can operate the LetsParky Bouncer to: • Retain control of your private parking space • Set default users and authorize visitors • Allow automatic lowering for defined users • Check occupancy on your parking spot • Accept reservations and even receive payments (soon)



Skip the need for professional help. Every essential you need is right inside the LetsParky box. Follow our straightforward, step-by-step instructions, and in just 15 minutes, you'll be up and running with your new parking solution.

Park with Ease,
We Do the Rest




with Let'sParky

Brand Visibility:
Elevate Your Presencewith Branded Parking Space Solutions
Tailored Solutions:
Personalize Your Parking Experiencewith LetsParky's Customized Offerings
Secure & Reserve:
Guard Your Private Parking Spacewith Exclusive Parking Services
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Hassle-Free Hospitality:
Offer Convenient Parking to Your Guestswith LetsParky
Smooth Arrivals:
Ensure Seamless Access for Your Guestswith LetsParky's Guest Parking Solutions
Smart Sharing:
Facilitate Easy Parking Space Sharing
with Innovation in Guest Parking
Streamline Your Valet Process:
LetsParky's Technology Takes Valet Parking to the Next Level
Experience Effortless Valet Parking:
Drive In, Step Out,
and Let LetsParky Handle the Rest
Simplify Your Service:
Enhance Your Valet Parking
with LetsParky's Innovative Solution
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LetsParky is here to put a stop on endlessly circling cars, long queues, manual ticketing, and the unpleasant experience of forgetting where you put your car
LetsParky Enterprise
LetsParky  Electric Vehicle Charcing
EV Charging Stations

Monitor EV Stations for the Best Customer Experience

LetsParky  Shopping Mall
Shopping Malls

Smart Valet Parking Solutions

LetsParky Corporate Parking
Corporate Parking

Appreciated Park-and-Go Customers

LetsParky Enterprise Hotels-Spa-Gym
Hotels & Spa

Managed parking for your guests

LetsParky Enterprise Airport VIP Parking

VIP Park-and-Fly Solutions for Exceptional Conveniences

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  • Can everyone with the Let's Parky app use the smart parking barriers? What do I need to do to use the mobile app?
    Everyone who has the Let's Parky app can use the smart parking barriers based on the permissions granted by the barrier owner. Users need to download the mobile app to their smartphones and register, then they must be authorized by the barrier owner.
  • How Long Should the Vehicle Distance Be for Bluetooth Connection?
    Bluetooth connectivity can offer a strong connection up to a distance of 30-35 meters. However, this distance may vary depending on various factors.
  • What is the Battery Life of Let's Parky Bouncer?
    In summer the batteries can last about 5 months and in winter about 3 months. Battery life may vary depending on conditions and frequency of use.
  • How does Let's Parky integrate with electric charging stations?
    Let's Parky can seamlessly integrate with electric charging stations and their management systems through API integration. This enables easy management and reservation of parking spaces for charging station usage.
  • What Precautions Have Been Taken to Prevent Theft?
    The product is securely fixed to the ground with 3 dowels. In this way, the risk of theft is minimized and safe use is ensured.
  • What is the Material of Let's Parky Bouncer?
    The arm of the product is made of steel and the body is made of aluminum. These materials give the product durability of up to 4 tons.
  • What comes out of the Let's Parky Bouncer and Let's Parky Terminal boxes?
    LetsParky Bouncer: The smart parking barrier device, necessary tools and accessories for installation, user manual, and warranty document are included in the box. LetsParky Terminal: The smart widget device, necessary installation accessories, user manual, and warranty document are included in the box.
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