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Let’s Work Together to Solve Parking Problems. Let's Parky!

LetsParky invites everyone to collectively solve our parking problems, save the time, money, air quality, and emotional well-being that we all deserve. LetsParky's smart parking barriers with IOT notify users about parking spot availability and let their owners share the use of their parking spaces with others. Sharing our parking spots has the potential to provide a more efficient use of parking resources and generate additional income for individuals and organizations with unused or underutilized parking spaces. With a new parking spot sharing platform, all drivers around the world will be able to view available parking spaces on a map, make reservations & payments, and use the in-app navigation to their reserved parking spots, while private parking spot owners will generate revenue from their unused spaces.

“Next time a parking spot needs to be found, drivers will use the LetsParky Mobile App to see and choose from available spaces, before arrival.”

LetsParky builds on the idea that individuals or organizations with excess parking spaces could list them on a platform and rent them out to drivers in need of a parking space, similar to the way Airbnb allows homeowners to rent out their properties to travelers. With a new platform to accommodate a new parking spot sharing economy, LetsParky is offering a chance to connect all drivers with parking spaces secured by the LetsParky devices, which owners control with their mobile phones while taking reservations and payments. This concept could help to address the challenges of finding a parking space in densely populated areas, while also providing an additional source of income for individuals or organizations with unused or underutilized parking spaces.

How It Works

As a parking space owner, you can choose a LetsParky product not only to secure your spot and share its use by people you love, but also to collect payments for the use of your parking space by verified drivers who use the LetsParky mobile app. The LetsParky smart parking app can be used by all drivers to view, select, book and navigate to parking spaces secured by LetsParky's smart parking barriers and other barriers that are automated by LetsParky Terminals.

Check out the LetsParky products or download the LetsParky mobile app to know more and to help yourself and each other.

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