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Getting Ready to Take Part in the Solution

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Do you live in one of the big cities? Congratulations! You are one of the 4.4 billion people who spend up to 107 hours per year searching for a parking space. You may yet be OK with setting aside about 4 and a half of your days per year just for finding a parking spot, but it won’t end there. The urban population will more than double its size by 2050. With the current provisions of public transportation around the world, the question that comes to mind is if the population’s growth rate will be followed by the number of 1.5 billion cars in the globe. If so, the next logical question is whether we really want our days to be 5-10 hours shorter outside our cars.

Cars stay parked more than 96 percent of the time, and regulating street parking or building more parking lots do not help with congestion. The scientific literature on parking explains that increasing parking norms only cause an over-supply of parking by monopolies, thereby affecting living costs,construction costs, land-use, but not the time spent looking for a parking spot, nor the rate of traffic accidents, gas consumption, carbon emission, nor any other parking related problems in city centers. Along with smart city planning and public transportation, we need to seriously think about how to optimize for all of us the use of spaces available for parking our cars without overburdening drivers with regulations.

A Grassroots Solution to Parking Problems: Let's Parky

A solution to parking problems needs to be economically viable and equitable to all individuals, and also endure the effects of congestion, expansion of urban living areas, and length of commute that is to come. Such a socio-economic system needed for increased equality of opportunity had long been found, and it is called the sharing economy. A sharing economy enables the sharing of resources in a collaborative way, disrupts monopolies, does not favor communions that excludes any one of us, and, most significantly, it lets us participate in the solutions to our own needs and problems. Just as we share vacation homes and car rides, the best solution to parking problems is to share the existing space, instead of building new parking spaces.

At Let’s Parky, we work on a collaborative and participatory solution for parking management for all of us. All LetsParky devices are equipped with smart technologies to collect and relay real-time information on parking spot availability. By listing as available the parking spots secured by LetsParky devices, owners will soon be able to let drivers reserve and book their parking spaces online. Some of us will get a passive income, some of us will get a piece of mind with navigation to reserved parking at destination, and some will get to be so lucky as to have both. Most importantly, all of us will cut down on cruising times looking for parking, the money spent on gas and electricity, and the air pollution that we endure. These truly are reasons to celebrate. So, let's parky, together.

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