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An all-in-one mobile solution to parking problems: LetsParky!

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

The parking experience is chaotic whether you have a private parking space or not. There’s no guarantee that your space will be there for you despite all the parking cones, stop signs, and other parking space markers you use. Ugliness aside, the existing parking spot blockers such as locks and sign posts don’t serve your needs of time, requiring manual work or hassles about the quantity of physical keys.

LetsParky’s smart parking barriers not only guard your space for you, but also resolve the three most significant causes of parking problems:

  • Looking for parking spots - Frustration and loss of time is augmented by the traffic, car accidents, gas consumption, and carbon emission caused by cruising cars in search of parking spots.

  • Parking space violations - Unauthorized use of personal and private parking spaces by others violate individuals rights as well as disrupt the daily flow of traffic.

  • Inefficient use of parking spaces - Free parking spots are available but they are not visible to drivers. Lack of online accessibility to available parking spots causes vehicle clustering in certain areas, causing congestion, traffic accidents, and air pollution.

One solution to all parking problems: LetsParky

LetsParky is a smartphone application to control parking spots near your home, office, or any other destination, now and in the future.

Connected to a user-to-user marketplace for parking space rentals, app users can control their own or book someone else’s parking spot listed as available by LetsParky device owners.

LetsParky devices include smartphone-controlled economic parking locks and small widgets to improve your existing gates and barriers for mobile control of parking lots and garages.

Choose your product and say goodbye to parking problems

  • LetsParky Bouncer, the smart parking lock that recognizes your selected vehicles

  • LetsParky Terminal, the easily attached widget for mobile control of existing gates and barriers

  • LetsParky, the mobile app to control all Parky devices, as well as to view, find, reserve and book for the parking spaces that they secure.

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